Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Anyone out there?


Wow, I came across the blog recently and was perusing old posts, where I was when I started this blog some 10 years ago? 

So much has happened in these past years, but some have remained the same. I continue to make art, create, day dream. 

I have gone from an adult to a middle aged woman trying to find a place in the world that is aligned with who I am.

I continue to dream with a sabbatical, a break, a fugue...

I have a new pet soul mate, whose love fills my heart as much as my Shushu once did.

I also continue to journal, to write and write and write to empty out the thousand thoughts that cross my mind per minute.

I have not grown wiser and more knowledgeable with age. If anything, I realize more and more I know nothing.

One thing that's become more palpable with age is the fragility of life. How ephemeral and unexpected it is. Let's enjoy it, then.

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